HackIM2017 CTF -Web Challenges and solutions (part-4)

Solving Web400 Challenge Accessed the Web4 challenge¬†and we are given a new Hint!. hints are back!! ūüôā Possibly a crypto challenge ahead from a martian!?.. Right, so going into the link we find that there a captcha along with a login. View source gives away the “partial” password and its 69 characters long. Also, there […]

HackIM2017 CTF -Web Challenges and solutions (part-3)

Solving Web300 Challenge There was sudden absence of a hint here! OK!.., so viewed view source. Nothing. Hmm! had an Ominous feeling starting this one .. Accessed the web page and it appeared to be a command line injection attack. Trying couple of variations with ¬†http:// /? c m d = ls ¬†and no […]

HackIM2017 CTF -Web Challenges and solutions (part-2)

Solving a CTF is like addiction, you¬†can’t possibly stop at 1. So i tried to submit the flag and it failed. There was a syntax to follow flag {…}. This was not very intuitive for me and there was a tweet from the nullcon handle.¬† Solving Web200 Challenge! So, the hint seems to indicate some […]

HackIM2017 CTF -Web Challenges and solutions (part-1)

NullCon 2017¬†is in the corner, Feb 28th – March 02. It has some really good talks, workshops and training’s lined up with many industry experts from around the world. Another note about NullCon is the CTF before Nullcon. Often hosted over ctf.nullcon.net. This time i participated in the web challenges and got upto web400. For […]